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Article: Yesterday I was going to take a photo with me.

昨日ですが 撮影に付き添いをさせていただきました。

Yesterday I was going to take a photo with me.

Yesterday, I had an interview with me and I accompanied my filming.

How did you encounter a photographer who was actually taken care of by an adult ON/OFF?

This surprise was really happy. ^ ^

The name of the program ... - I'm sorry.

I can't make it public yet.

Would you let me know when I could make it public again?

Well ...


Let me introduce you to Petit.

The location is Barney's New York, Yokohama, 4F.

noted for the Florence Room

Dr. Vranjes, dottle Vranes, sir.

The scent is Rosso Nobile (Rosso Nobile)

The color of the red wine is characterized by an aromatic fragrance that greeted customers with a certain fragrance.

and as an interior, they decorate a coat of arms of the Italian state of Tuscany.

It was a galleries that used to be made of fibrenze products such as "Camisoli" and before travelling to Forenze.

I bought a handwritten craftsman on an old, high-quality paper.

The middle stage and the lower part of the story are the snap pictures of all the people of the Higuer club, which was filmed at the 7F in Yokohama, photographers & ima.

old-fashions, manual barricans.
and then we exhibit a few more antique turmiss, and so on.

Well, the retro chairs are actually made in Japan.

The makers of this chair are already out of business, but I can restore it.

I had a chair in Japan, and I was repolitely polite to fix it.

The prototype was -- it was a pretty old chair, but it's a very beautiful chair, and it's a pretty good thing to do.

A chair that is more than 60 years old, but still is still alive.

There's a lot of assumptions about it, and it's also a very important chair.

The customer's personal skin care is the ANTICA BARBERIA, which is also made politely in a filenze.

The motif of the BARBER is characterized by Citrus as the base.

Italy is famous for its citrus fruit.

Do you want to see the scent of Citrus (a citrus line) that has been exposed to the sun and the sun?

We have a lot of photography, but we don't have a lot of photos.

Please drop in when you come to your neighborhood or near you.

I enjoy shopping in the family and the couple.

There is also a cafe in the 7F while you are waiting for your ransom to be in place.

Yokohama is the birthplace of Western science.

We're waiting for you to come back to the store.