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Article: I felt a professional for the word former beauty back profile Pooh


I felt a professional for the word former beauty back profile Pooh

So-called business-specific terminology that I came to associate with the people of the hairdressing industry and learned.

It is words to fly every day in the industry, but, according to me of the new business, is fresh
The professional words are reflected cool.
It is different from an inverted phrase of the entertainment world, but but ..., business-specific terminology has good ... parenthesis

The words that got more like a Toki in that

Former beauty and back profile Pooh.

Do you know these words?

The previous beautifulness means that we bend over a washbowl (a shampoo booth means this?) in the very front at the time of shampoo and shampoo my hair
It is to shampoo its hair so that a washbowl is installed behind a head contrary to back profile Pooh, and a face does not get wet.
It is a style of both shampoo that demanded comfort together, and which way is good! Because there is not it.

Judging from nostalgia of the childhood period, it is the former beauty personally

Why is it? As for the という reason, I love collar taking the tonsure after the cuts; is cut しましたー with hair! スカッ としたー! I have you shave って nape and feel complete.
A downy hair and too much hair disappear and are straightened with a swish.

I may have you wipe it off in a hot towel, but I like what have you just hang a shower with a washbowl afterwards. Of course I have you wind up a cape with shampooing its hair, I want you to hang as possible as possible it on the lower part of the nape if possible, and do give a head a little?
It wants to wash it away well.

It is an Edoite style, but I shove a head in the washbowl, and it is comfortable, and a warm shower falls from the back of the head top and likes hot water dripping in a face
After a shower, there are a feeling and refreshment without any regret when I have you wipe off a face from hair with a towel.

And shaving to begin afterwards.
It is a time of the supreme bliss.
Of course back profile Pooh comes to the favorite one, too.
I think that that I enjoy both sides would be good.

Do you not sense the shampoo of the hairdressing shop bodily today of the weekend?
Will a feeling and refreshment be that it is a time of the supreme bliss without any regret?