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Article: BARNEYS BARBER's will be introduced to ad Street rock heaven!

アド街ック天国にBARNEYS BARBER'S が紹介されます!

BARNEYS BARBER's will be introduced to ad Street rock heaven!

It is a special report!

Gentlemen of BARNEYS BARBER'S SHOP is a popular program"haunt!" scheduled to air on TV Tokyo 5/20(Saturday)I will haunt the"ad street check heaven)"!This special feature is"Yokohama Yamashita Park Street" a popular sightseeing date spot where Hikawa Maru in marine tower, Sea Guardian in Scandinavia, famous shops of good old Yokohama and standard of Yokohama walks are lined up.BARNEYS BARBER'S SHOP in the powerhouse crowded Yamashita Park Street feature Barneys BARBER's SHOP how many places to put all the members of the Beard Club, we are excited from now on!

Of course those who live in Yokohama, people who come to play in Yokohama from other prefectures I think that there is no loss to see this ad town.

By the way, in 2013/12, BARNEYS BARBER'S SHOP by KAMISORI CLUB 148 was born in the birthplace of Western hairdressing.In Yamashita-Cho, which can be said to be the roots of Western hairdressing, it is an honor to be involved in the barber industry to be able to broadcast the gentle activities that do not forget the respect for the predecessors of hairdressing, including ” beard design ” which we are good at.From now on, I will continue to aim for high quality in the ordinary as a barber without blurring the axis.


5/20 (Sat) 9: 00Ad-Gai koktengoku Yamashita Park Street special feature』
(Trailer will flow from the link)

*Depending on the region, there seems to be a local station that is aired, so please look into it.

Takehito Maruyama