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Article: A deep good story that was taught by the president of the Kanagawa Prefecture Barber Association.


A deep good story that was taught by the president of the Kanagawa Prefecture Barber Association.

A barber who becomes a razor shop and is the edge that can not be cut.

There are unions in various industries and business types.
There is also a union in the barber industry, and we hold one of the various events every year, a competition such as hair style.

5 it is a story about a year ago, but when I say in an honest impression at first colorful hair style, Gachi Gachi liesent and the current era・・・・
It was true that I thought that.

If you tell that impression to the leader of the Beard Club as it is at the time、

"It's generally like that," he said.But!Competitions are different!It takes a lot of skill and practice to complete this hair style!It may not be understood by ordinary people takechan (though I am), but for us it is beauty and pursuit of TRAD!"I was like," Oh, my god.""

No, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.Then the view changed.
After all, it is more an artist than a word of craftsmanship.
And I thought it would be cool to arrange it to the present while leaving the trad that has been handed down from the previous generation

So, when I visited the Kanagawa Prefecture competition this time, what!Welcome to our website.
I have heard with the BNY team members of the Beard Club every year, but no way!We will be happy to hear from you.
B Maru,kunichan (Seki) and me.This time, Mr. Nagayama (Nagayama) has other errands unfortunately absent (though I wish I could come?)

Mr. Endo, who always really loved the Beard Club, was able to talk with the chairman.I would like to thank you for taking this opportunity.In fact, Endo gave me a toast when my father published a book about the world's barbershops last year.Would you like to continue your guidance from now on?

The shop of Banjo endosama without permission

I was excited and nervous when I met the president.

So you talked about the barber.
This is deep!
Before, when the president met with a politician, you can not say "Barber".It is said that it was explained that.
Did you know that in recent years, there are various regulatory terms and it is difficult, but"Barber"is also a target.

For example, it seems to be a greengrocer→fruit and vegetable shop Butcher→Butcher Barber→Barber Shop perm shop→beauty shop.

What is it?I use it in everyday terms.・・・
On my way home from work, I had a delicious Butcher's croquettes from my neighborhood.
"I'm going home 〇 い Butcher's croquettes are there?"I'm using it normally.。。

He told us about the origin of the barber's name.
It was opened in Yamaguchi Prefecture by Fujiwara no uneme sukemasa Masayuki of the Fujiwara family in the 12oo era
At that time, there was an altar dedicated to the emperor and a hanging scroll of the Fujiwara family, so people moved from"tokonoma"to"Barber".
So from the origin, the name"Barber"is not a discriminatory term, and I think it is a wonderful name that has been inherited.
There was.

It's really nice to be able to say this to Jean, and to understand the origin of our predecessors properly, and to explain it to future generations
It looks beautiful.I think this can be said to all industries.

I also inherited a razor shop, but I was very impressed by the story of the chairman because the experiences that I have been taught in various childhood from my grandfather and father are alive.

"Starting from a barber shop, it became a barber shop, and various foreign cultures entered, and it became BARBER in English notation in Japan」
The name has evolved, but I thought that the origin and tradition of Japanese Barber are the same.
Its roots are undeniably from Fujiwara no uneme Suke Masayuki, a barber, right?
I still remember going to the monument at Zenkoji Temple in Nagano Prefecture when I went to the communication of the beauty school

The monument of Fujiwara no uneme no Suke Masayuki in Nagano Zenko-ji Temple above
Photo courtesy of Nagano Prefecture Barber and sanitation Association Nagano branch, Yasuaki Seki< / a>
And the year before last, I visited again on a family trip, but at that time the monument was damaged by the impact of the earthquake, but it seems that it was newly erected recently.
And Meiji 4 18 1871 散 散 脱 脱 令 交付 issued 1873 天皇 The Emperor cut off his hair and in the same year Western Barber (the prototype of the current hair style) began from Yokohama.
There is always a history and a story in various industries.

We have always been involved in the hair industry since we were born.
How about visiting your local barber shop today on the weekend while feeling the history
The hair style is of course, but I'm a razor shop here.
Feel good-please try to experience a pleasant beard shave by all means?

In recent years, women's shaving is popular not only for men but also for women
Because I shave the lanugo together with the old horny, it becomes a fresh skin with firmness and it seems that the nori of your makeup will be better?

It's not like that.
We are looking forward to your visit to"Barber, Barber, Barber"nationwide.