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Published in men's JOKER LIFE

It was posted in men's JOKER LIFE VOL2.

After all, you can taste the atmosphere of a classic mug and barber shop at home. Put hot water in the deep part of the two-layer type and wet the brush. The time to bubble on the shallow side and shave your beard slowly with a sharp, old-fashioned double edge can be said to be a ritual.

After shaving your beard, rinse the soap with hot water and moisturize it well with ANICA BARBERIA, a long-established skin care product in Philense, Italy.

Aftershave lotion with bactericidal action is recommended from this season, but alcohol content may be too strong for those with weak skin. In that case, it is good to put lotion in the palm of your hand and skip a little alcohol before applying it. Gel type aftershave is also recommended because alcohol is not strong.

And wow!

The Barber who is always indebted to me! Next to the Hiroo store, there is Also Sebilo & Co, famous for its respoke, this is also always indebted to you, and the store manager's feelings and explanation for Mr. Ishihara's suit are wonderful?

Please drop in when you come near us by all means.