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Article: South African baronist with a strong heart


South African baronist with a strong heart

Riorong in CAPETO South Africa

It's also the city that's been nominated for a dangerous city in the world.

Recently, it is said that public security has become better, but depending on the location, there are no local people to stop.
and there are some areas.

I've been running a barber shop in the city.
I've been running a barbaryshop in a container.
We put chairs and mirrors in the container, and we're cutting the customer.
The world is unthinable in Japan. I don't like it.
On the day of the day, the tragedy ...
No! There's a mugging in the container!
I had stolen all my golden things, and I had broken the mirrors, which were essential items in my business tools.
If it's normal, it's going to drop.
But the master was different!
We built pieces of broken mirrors on the wall, and we resumed our business.
I told you the words I said at that time!

"If you have one hassami, you'll be back again!"
My husband was envious of his courage, and his heart was absorbed in his courageous heart.

Don't look into the world's barber.