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ギフト最適 レーザー彫刻で無料名入れ実施中


eh! Also for a face -wash brush. Mokomoko foam features [Name can be included/gift] Razor Club Original Italian shaving brush with naming service


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New products that are perfect for gifts from Italy are available!

A custom -made product ordered by a razor club to the workshop.
It is a shaving brush using the finest hole bear hair.

A shaving brush is a brush that foams the soap used when shaving, and is sometimes called a beard brush or whisked brush. If you have experienced shaving in a barber room, you will come to mind immediately. After warm the mustache with a steamed towel, the shaving brush comes in.

The dry mustache is the same as the copper wire. Hydration is important

Each mustache in a dry state is said to be the same hardness as copper. Therefore, using a razor in a dry state will put a heavy burden on the blade and skin, which leads to the so -called "razor losing". The beard expands about 40 % when given water. Hydration before shaving is also important in terms of skin care.

The human hair is divided into three layers, mainly three layers of hair surface skin (cuticle), fats (cortex), and chestal quality (medula), and there are countless air holes (empty cells) in the Medura. there is. By penetrating moisture into these vaccores, it becomes softer and easier to shave at the same time as expanding. If you use a shaving brush, the hair tips reach the back of the pores, so you can moisture inside. Hot water is the best way to spread the water promptly. These effects will make it possible to shave more.

Tips for using. The bubbles are what you stand on your face

When it comes to how to use a shaving brush, many people think that the boiling water and powdered soap in the cup are lathered as "Shakashaka". Due to hygienic backgrounds and usability, Japanese barber shops often use powdered soap, but we recommend that we recommend that you want to whisk your own soap as much as you want! "is.

When using it individually, always put a round soap in the cup. This is actually a trading style. When using it, switch to the consciousness of "applying soap to the brush tip" instead of "whisking in the cup". Of course, bubbles also stand in the cup, but be aware of applying them to the hair tips as much as possible. And "whisking is on the face." Please whisk as much as you want.

Wet your face with hot water (you don't need to wash your face). Eventually, bubbles begin to stand out from the tip of the brush and the skin. This act is also called "lotheris ring".

The important thing here is the amount of brush and skin moisture and soap.
If there is too much moisture, water drops that become unpleasant from the top of the cheeks and the neck will hang. On the other hand, if the amount of soap is large, the foaming is poor, and the hard bubbles are on the face, which is also uncomfortable. The rest is "getting used to and intuition". By repeating the number of times, you can do it naturally. When fine bubbles grow like clouds on the face, you can enjoy the satisfaction and superiority as if you have completed a little art.

You can also wash your skin care with you

You may be worried about it when it takes time, but if you use a brush, you can wash your face together, so the time saving and the brushing massage effect improves blood circulation., Improve skin metabolism and keep clean skin.

In addition, brushing parts such as the back of the ears can also be cleaned on parts that cannot be reached by hand. It is expected that the smell will be reduced by washing firmly.

When washing your face, the brush is first lathered with soap and the T zone is drawn while drawing a circle. Try to massage with the hair tips so that the hair tips are not crushed.

Fine parts such as the nose, and around the nose are easy to use by crushing the tip of the brush with the index finger as shown in the photo. This method was actually taught by a mustache club member.

Then massage with a brush from the bottom of the ear to the neck.
If the foaming is poor, apply the soap to the brush and add water to recover the foaming.
The back part is massaged from the back of the ear to the bottom, and the brush is massaged with the brush around the neck.
This is also done to draw a circle. The fine part is crushed and washed with the thumb or index finger, as in the nose.

Shaving using brush!
A fun time begins

  • Italian shaving brush

    Material RESIN (resin)

    Hole Kumage 100 % specifications (mm)
    (G) High 110 diameter 40 weight 50

    * Stands will be sold separately

    Ideal for gifts!
    The name of the name can be made of Roman wrestling body, block body kanji, vertical kanji, hiragana, katakana, and numbers.

    * The number of characters is Roman character up to about 8 characters such as 15 characters kanji.

    If you wish to enter, please enter the requested font / engraving character in the remarks column.
    * Since a high -temperature laser sculpture is made to the resin, some unevenness may come out.

名入れはローマ字筆記体・ブロック体・漢字・縦漢字・ひらがな・カタカナなどの彫刻が可能です。文字数はローマ字で20字 漢字などは15字くらいまで可能です。詳細なご要望がある方は別途メールでお知らせください。

※イラストのレーザー彫刻ですが内容が細かさによって彫刻が出来ない場合もございます。 ご希望の商品とイラストを拝見した後、ご連絡をさせていただきます。



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