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Article: Tokyu Hans' s Shibuya store is the only place where memories are needed.


Tokyu Hans' s Shibuya store is the only place where memories are needed.

One of the big memories of elementary school days is the Tokyu Hansan Shibuya store.

At that time, there was no Shinjuku store, or Takashimaya.
Are you sure it was a big garage for the JNR train?

I still remember how many of my friends and several friends took care of me during the last two years of my school year vacation work.
I went to Shibuya to use my bicycle while sweating to Shakasha.
At that time, he taught kindness to his uncle in the form of an apron, despite his elementary school students who showed the task.
Do you still have it?He had a big opportunity to cut wood and cut it with a loud, high-quality sound to the size of the needed size.
He gave me a number of nails, bonds, and pieces of wood that needed to be stabbed in the corner of a piece of wood, and he gave me a number of paper jasri numbers.

He took the things that he had made to school, and he went to the house with them for a while and took them home, and he went to the house to see his uncle friends.

I was so glad that I was so happy that I was really pleased with it.
And now I'm going to let Mr. Hands let Mr. Hands go together in the field of the caps!

I am the one who taught me the importance of the great things of the things and the need for the rich to be knowledgeable and knowledgeable.
I'm glad to see that I'm interested in the most sensitive time of elementary school students.
Of course he is retired, but he says, "Thank you all the time."I think.
And now, my uncle was working for the Tokyu Hands!
I have been taking care of it since then.
Thirty-five years since I was ten years old?
I'm grateful.

And now I'm a little bit familiar with that uncle with that uncle?said the self-praise, which was today.

Banzen no Inobu
Near the Tokyu Hands in the vicinity.