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Article: Ginza February issue

GINZA 2月号にご掲載いただきました

Ginza February issue

A magazine limited edition kit was published in the magazine house Ginza February issue.
Thank you.

The opportunity to receive the request from the women magazine has increased recently.

The razor club is a male commodity or a male article
It is noted as a gift item for women to gift to men.

In fact, the order of the Internet is very high, but the gift rate is very high.

Recently, I put a razor set on the market, and I made the usual razor with the old brush, and changed to the razor life on one rank! It is a net limitation though it is done.


It is the following razor set that introduced this time.

This product is made of familiar mug and comfortable foam (pig hair).

Gift surprise gift.
Come to the gift of razor every day!
Do you have any suggestions?