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Article: I've been giving youtube to overseas customers a BARBER.

I've been giving youtube to overseas customers a BARBER.

I've been here for a while, and I've been here for a while.
But I think I'm running BARBER.


Barneys, Yokohama, New York.

Opening hours - 14:00 to 20:00
FORLIONDON - Tuesday/second and third Mondays
Phone number - 045-681-8890
Addresses: Yamashimachi, Jung-gu, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture 36-1

Classical shaving inherited from BARBER (barber shop).
This is common in the world.

I talked to the Italian Workshop yesterday, but BARBER (Barber Store) is attracting attention worldwide.
Old-fashioned brush shaving is growing demand for wet shaving, including younger generations.
And then,

The sound of bubbles on the face with the mokomoko slowly turning the brush
I look in the mirror of shaving a toad with a razor

I can see the scene in the movie.

This is the most recent film (007 Kingsman, etc.)
This is a scene where shaving is used, and it is a scene where shaving is noticed again.

No voices.It's a silent video.

Who thinks the day-to-day geese are troublesome

Why don't you just take time to enjoy the old-fashioned sled?
If you're not a movie, you'll be able to feel the same thing.
<img src="" alt = "幅 = "460"高さ = "460" />
The above set is USA Maker Razor (SCHICK QUATRO4 four-blade)
and brushes and razor stands made of Italian philenze
And the same thing, shaving cream made by Italian Florence
There are often fine bubbles in the case
Case is a durable aluminum case
The scent is Italian-like citrus
It features fresh scents such as lemon and grapefruit


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