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Article: MOVEMBER, published in the bibliography.

理美容業界誌に掲載いただきました MOVEMBER

MOVEMBER, published in the bibliography.

PROF RIKEI, 2018, to be published in the second edition of the RIKEI 2018.
to be included in this information.
Thank you.

I have been to the event for the first time in spite of all the events in the world.

Together with the Hige Club of Maruyama, Hige Club, together with the Hige Club, will hold a design tournament for the beetle and meet the MOVEMBER, which is a charity event that has been prospective throughout the day, and we can thank all the guests of MOVEMBER, and thank you for the opportunity.

What is a Movember?
a slang in English, with a mouthgling "Mo,"
And the word "Movember" is the combination of November's "November."

The Movember is a campaign inthe recognition and health awareness of men-specific cancer is enhanced by extending the mouth of the mouth through the first month of November. This is like a masculine version of the Pinribon Cancer Campaign, a cancer campaign that is unique to women.

This year, it will be held in 21 countries worldwide, including Australia, the United States, Canada, and the United States.

In the Camisoli Club and the Higge Club, we have been working with Movember Australia's team to make contact with the Movember Australia Headquarters, which is part of our social contribution activities since 2013, and we will participate in the Movember activities and participate in the activities.