Masahiro Ohashi, Hige Club, appeared in Yoshitel Hasegawa Kumaraji.

January 11, 2018 I appeared in Hasegawa Yoshitel Kumaraj.

Masahiro Ohashi is also the representative of the Soi Film Commission.
It starts with the story of the movie and talks about the impression of the beard.
What is a "shaved seminar" until a story without hair?

Because it is a radio program, it becomes only audio. We will be performing from the start of the program 40 minutes.

History navigator and history writer Yoshitel Hasegawa welcomes guests every month as a personality and talks.
By all means, I would be happy if you could listen to it.

"Hasegawa Yoshitel's Kuma Raj! 」

Hygge Club
Masahiro Ohashi Masahiro Ohashi


Born to parents who moved from Asakusa to a town with no connection or connection, he became the second generation of Ohashi Barber.
I was originally longing for the world of entertainment.
Taking advantage of the vitality from his school days, he led the youth department of the local Chamber of Commerce and Industry as a leader of the regional revitalization project for an unusual 10 years (usually two years).
Currently, while representing the YFC Yorii Film Commission, which attracts movies, dramas, etc., which are now in its 10th year (2016), and cooperates in filming
In the theory that "business people are entertainers of the city", the old-fashioned "barber and public bath is a place of information gathering" as a modern version
It aims at the one-of-a-side existence by linking the two-footed straw of the barber and the entertainer (actor and actor).
From Asakusa, the site of the onset of Japan's oldest movie theater "Electric Hall" (which was then expanded nationwide), is the barber shop where my parents entered without living.
Coincidentally, it was a shop run by the owner of the "Electric Museum" in Saitama Prefecture.
The movie theater was a playground since childhood, and I feel a mysterious "edge" in my own life.

[Media exposure]
"Film" Yubari International Film Festival exhibited work "Radio Days" (also advice of beard to co-stars), "Idol Is Dead 2 Non-chan's Propaganda War" (director offer appearance of buying Beard & Shavedohead)
TBS "Nsta" (recorded in its own store in the case that Uncle Chalmera Myosei has shaved his beard), telephone coverage by TV Asahi (about the ban on beards of Heisei)
Newspapers: 讀賣 Newspapers, Saitama Shimbun
Men's Club, Lightning 2nd
"Industry Magazine" Profrykei, Hitoiki
"Web" Schick, Panasonic