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Article: It is healed by the sound of the scissors which open and close with Chokichoki.


It is healed by the sound of the scissors which open and close with Chokichoki.

My hair style is two-block and I leave the upper part of my hair and mow the side.
Therefore, I often go to the barber shop because it is quite anxious when the hair of the side grows.

Maybe, I think everyone is the same, but I will do styling in the familiar usual shop (in my case B Maru's shop & Barney's & Beard Club member's shop).
I like the sound of scissors at that time!
Because the side part is short, the sound which opens and closes scissors many times.
It can be said that the sound is played while skillfully utilizing combs to keep scissors from touching the skin directly.

Do you know Mr. Barber's scissors?
Is it really a kitchen knife level with a very sharp blade? It is a sharpness of that much.
That's serious, isn't it?
It's amazing to be able to talk about the world while creating a hair style while cleverly handling the sharp scissors!

My hair style is a mowing style that is quite short on the side and is commonly said.
Words between barbers (I wonder?) In, it is called straight scissors, and there is a technology to open and close scissors directly in the hair without puting the comb between the hair and the scissors.

This is cool! Because of this skill, I can make it so short. and respect.
The scissors are attached to the tip of the scissors, and it moves so that it flows from the front part to the rear part while fixing it so that the scissors do not shake.

This behavior is elegant. That's what I think from the heart.

Because it was a short hair style, I was able to see the movement of various scissors of the barber.

Where to shoot

Inagi City Barber Shop BOYS Aoyagi

Higashi-Kanagawa B-Collector

I'm on my own.

Why don't you get dressed up at a barber shop near you today for the weekend?

Why don't you take a look at Barber's skillful technique?