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Article: Anantara's traditional Barber


Anantara's traditional Barber

Antiva barberia founded in 1908.
The manufacturing company, Mondial, was born in Firenze, where trabanical barber culture remained in Italy.

The product has been produced as a result of the long history and the history which is now the fourth, and the grooming culture of men of high sense Italy is supported. Shaving is a ritual and an important time for gentleman. It is the bliss and the commodity of Monal that supported some of the important life landed in Japan.

The place called fienze is a place where time has stopped since ancient times. The old building and the terrain are beautifully fused to create a beautiful town. Similar to the ANCA barberia series, the design and specifications of the product are based on the traditional manufacturing process and tradition. The craftsmen of this town are all perfectionists, and the techniques such as the Firenze Cathedral and Ponte Baguio bridge represent this feature, and this technique and technique are inherited in the shaving equipment of ANCA barberia.

The factory which manufactures the razor club goods has produced the commodity company
A razor and brush built one by one carefully

Skin care items combined with superior raw material and fragrance
ANCA barberia is a high-end series of images

Citrus balberia is characterized by citrus citrus scent and strong fragrance
Fragrance fragrance fragrance of skin care and colon

The anciker barberia series with a large number of men's grooming items will be included in the normal line of Columbus aftershaving Sheikh plus care items for beard

Italy Barcelona classic Barber