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Article: I made a sticker


I made a sticker

Stickers that have been requested for a long time
Let's make it this time! I made it immediately Yesterday I received it from a sticker shop

The two stickers, Razor Club and Beard Club, are very simple.
The circular sticker is only black (sumi) and there is no border line.

If you put it on a notebook, it will look like this.

Very simple!

It ’s my PC

There are various stickers on it, so ...
Does the figure of the father who crosses the uncle of the beard and the razor have an impact?

The English sticker on the upper right is also a razor club sticker.

It is a sticker that can be attached to various places.

There is a limit to the number of sheets, but if you have a request, please contact us from the following.
We will contact you with details.