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Article: Huh?The electric shaber. unexpected and pleasant combination


Huh?The electric shaber. unexpected and pleasant combination

Six years ago, I would like to ask PANASONIC, who has been going out with the idea, "Do you want to do something that you can't imagine?"

It was originally a different story using the electric shaver ramdash, but I had a good reason to lend a sample.

Honestly, I didn' t have a good shaving in the electric shaber for ten years, because I had a wetshaving (a shaving of beard using a casmiori), and I had a casiesolian temperament, which is a dry shaving, and I wasn't known for the shaving.

If you'd like to do your job, ALL OUT is a natural thing.

I read the instructions on the back side of the lambdash that I borrowed, and I said,
What! You can use a water-wash and soap to use it in the bathroom!

I used an electric shaver for about 25 years, so I couldn't wash my water, so I would remove the reticoge and put the oil into my own brushes to inject the oil into it.The smell of oil that I can't say at the time, and the smell of motors.Personally, I didn' t do it.

That's right now!

Thank you for the most advanced technology in Japan. Thank you.

I tried to soap the face in the bathroom, and I tried to do it!
It's a mess, isn't it?

"Vienna and Keene," mixed with Jolijoli, with a different touch, and a motor sound mixed with Jolijoli, which sounds like a bath,

The difference between those at the time I was using it is clear and precisely cut!
and the wet jigs.I was surprised at this.

I can't say I can shave because I have an edge, but I'm surprised by the evolution of the current electric shaber.

I'm going to cut the jigge right and I'm going to touch it later!

That's what I came up with.

Do you want to use a higgebrush?

What if we combine the traditional shaving ceremony with the most cutting-edge handed down from our predecers?So you thought about it.

So the next day, I tried it fast.

Slowly in the bathroom, bubbling in brushes and bubbling in the bubbles, turning on a ramdash on the switch.

Uhh! You enjoy this feeling?

Once upon a time, wearing a claskal shaving, a cutting edge of the cutting shaving,
I thought it was going to be a hybrid shaving.

We have proposed a hybrid shaving before, and that is again the next time.
I was so happy that I was so happy to say that I'd like to tell Mr. PANASONIC to tell you about it, and I'd like you to make a suggestion.

The concert will be held at PANASONIC's conference room by putting water in the plastic bottle and putting a towel and a lambash in a bag.

What does it start?It starts from the state, but everybody's hands are rented with a brush and a lambash with a pseudo-experience.
I was happy with the same reaction as I did!

And the decision was made by the person in charge of the company meeting.

If you don't want to do this, let' s make a video clip, and I'll take you to the hotel's swim room.

Mashiro Ohashi (commonly known as Masa), a member of the Hige club, who is also an actor with the science industry, decided to shoot the film.
Mr. Masa, your skin condition has been worse since the day before, and it has been hastily done by me.

And here's the one that was made.
The sales of PANASONIC is limited to a limited number of products sold on the web.

I was so happy to hear that you heard a good response.
Why don't you use the electric shaber to create a bubbling of the mokomotope?

The driving shaving on the one rank will be able to feel.

The quality shaving is analog.
And then you can enjoy the pleasurable behaviors that change from action to ritual.
Would you like to take the forefront of the electric shaver and the old, good analog brush to cheat the hybrid shaving?

A brushy brushes on the face of the face.
and there's a symphonic symphony of shaving in the shaving area.