Today 13th, I will appear on radio Japanese program "Matt Yasukawa's Battle".

Maruyama and I Takeuchi will be pleased to receive an introduction from Mr. Kono, President and CEO of Up Garage, who has been indebted to us since our daily life.

As usual, Maruyama is usually called Mr. Bmaru, so it's normal from here.

It is not a live broadcast but a recording, but it is still a tense thing.
What did I tell you?
Mr. B maru who is next door is still accustomed to the place!
Oh, this is really amazing!

I think I'm active in the same beard club, but I have a flow of talk.
Compared to that, I'm going to get nervous because of my ups and goings.
After recording, from Mr. B Maru

Take-chan, I was able to talk!

It was good. and relieved

I'm usually behind the scenes, but it's a radio program that I was allowed to appear with with Mr. B Maru's smart plan.
I think I was able to talk about my feelings while I was up.

By all means, I would appreciate it if you could ask me if you have time.

Radio Japan (Japan)
"Matt Yasukawa's Battle" corner "Kachig gumi business! 」
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