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Article: Hygge Club's original T-shirt was released.

ヒゲ倶楽部 オリジナルTシャツを発売いたしました

Hygge Club's original T-shirt was released.

It is a beard club original T-shirt produced by Amekaji brand Moat Garage Nakano who has been indebted from day to day.

The image of the eye catch is my son in the sixth grade of elementary school.
"Let me take a picture of my back!" I gave a T-shirt instead of.

I like the icon of the beard seems to be caught after all.

The icon which imagined kaisel and the hat of the club leader Maruyama.

Speaking of beard, the image of this Kaisel is strong, but it is pop and cute icon design.

SHAVE THE TRIM An icon full of messages that conveys the important things of shaving and trimming.

Under it, we had two kinds of designs of cute icon design pop Kaisel beard of one point.

It is a feature of the T-shirt.

1. Use two stitches that are hard to stretch. Even a clean T-shirt that has just been washed will ruin your mood if your neck is around.

It is hard to wash many times, by sewing with two needles that were hard to stretch, the neck is Shikkari even in comfort with a moderate feeling of comfort.

2. "BOAT GARAGE" original icon Pis name on the left sleeve.
name as a one-point accent woven in Japan.
The accent of the dress.

3. Adopt knitting tsutsutsu knitting over time, not mass production.

I use a tube knitting and a round knitting that there is no sewing of the paste on the side of the body.
It is not mass production, but the fabric to be knitted over time is thick and hard to stretch, hard to come by, hard to collapse, specifications that you can wear carefully one of the old-fashioned. T-shirt that does not end in one season, I want you to wear for a long time that is not a consumable.

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It is a strong and firm thick fabric of 6.6oz.

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There are two colors, NAVY and WHITE.

How about a T-shirt full of originality in the coming season?
Available in sizes from small children to adults