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Replacement brush blue bear hair blue color

Sale price¥1,320

An almet brush that can replace the head.
If it is a general brush, the brush hair that has been used for many years will gradually cut off and will be replaced with the brush, but this brush can only be replaced with the head.

Brush is silver chip
Brush brush hair that features fine foaming
You can also use it for face washing

* The brush can be turned or removed due to the brush of the brush head and the lack of adhesive of the base.
If you apply a few drops of adhesive such as Alon Alpha in the gap between the base and brushes, you can apply a few drops to a few drops.
It is a new product

100% hair blade hair
Handle resin
Country of origin Taiwan


"Silver chip" is a shaving made of blurred hair.It refers to a part that is particularly highly evaluated even in a brush. AnagThe hair from the head to the chest is "Silver chip" or "" "" ""Silver Chip Bugger (Silver It is called Tip Badger), because the hair in this part is the softest and high quality.It is a material used for high -end shaving brushes.

Silver chip brushes are soft and elastic, stimulating the skin.Is said to be the least and especially recommended for people with sensitive skin.。 In addition, the foaming is good from the hair quality, so soap and creamHold the mine firmly to create rich bubbles.

For this reason, the shaving brush of the silver chip is expensive.As a male bathroom accessories, and premiumIt is loved by people seeking wet shaving.

  • 東京・千葉・埼玉・神奈川 550円
  • その他関東甲信越・富山・東海近畿地方 660円
  • 福島・石川・福井・中国四国地方 770円
  • その他東北地方 880円
  • 九州地方(一部除く) 990円
  • 北海道 1100円
  • 鹿児島 1320円
  • 沖縄 2000円




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