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Mini -sized 3 -blade razor

Sale price¥2,200 Regular price¥5,500

Made by flirenze

Brass nickel plating
Length 75mm (when replaced blade) Width 10mm
Gillet Mach 3 Face -blade conformity

Outlet product (It is a difficult product as a gift because it is chopped down due to a little scratches, spots, etc.)

The length of the razor itself is really mini size, which is 55mm.
Brass plating
Convenient razor for travel that can be stored compactly
It's small but shave well!
The replacement blade is compatible with the Gillette Mach 3 series

* Please note that this product cannot be returned.

  • 東京・千葉・埼玉・神奈川 550円
  • その他関東甲信越・富山・東海近畿地方 660円
  • 福島・石川・福井・中国四国地方 770円
  • その他東北地方 880円
  • 九州地方(一部除く) 990円
  • 北海道 1100円
  • 鹿児島 1320円
  • 沖縄 2000円

Mini -sized 3 -blade razor
Mini -sized 3 -blade razor Sale price¥2,200 Regular price¥5,500
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