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Article: be drunk by the sight of the powder (the powder) scattering


be drunk by the sight of the powder (the powder) scattering

I like the behavior of cutting the crumbs when I mow my hair!

Add the powder to the short part with a puff that is swollen.
This white powder is also called a celestial flour (epil) and a good punch.

This white powder is made to make it easier to look at when you mow it up by putting it on the section view.

Do you remember the white powder of the hairstyle conversation with your friend the other day?
If you ask me, I'll tell you, I'm sorry, but now I'm wearing a hair...
Well, if you get 45, you have a limit to hair style.

I felt like it was a memorable scene.

I thought I was wearing baby powder before, and I asked Mr. B-Maru to tell him the exact name!
And I found out that the name of the epilepsy was 'smashed'.

For the reason, I looked at the Internet, but baby powder is a trade name, and the ingredients are like "epileptic" and "talc".
It was using a health-free type that cleared safety standards.
I'm relieved.
I'm going to study again.♪

In his conversation with B-Maru, "I think many barbers of our generation are using 'epilly' to cut them up, and I think they're just young children."

I feel more rare.

One of the one items on the cottot tools that the professionals use. It's deep, right?
When cutting, the powder attached to the hair is scattered at the same time as the scissors opening and closing, and the sight visible through the mirror.
It's beautiful, isn't it?

This is a puff that is swollen.

And this is called the powder of the sky.

What is the raw material? Constable (plant)
It is a theory of hair, but it is also friendly to scissors.
I also admire you thinking of care to one of the barber's most important tools of being kind to scissors.

And this is what you can do!

It was glaring and sunglasses, but it became a favorite hair style.

Why don't you see the scene of the scissors opening and closing today on the weekend at the same time as the silly silkworm?

But I'm not sure

I'm not sure I'm going to be a barber, but I'm going to be a close store♪