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Article: Mustache club mustache T and BBQ

ヒゲ倶楽部 ヒゲTとBBQ

Mustache club mustache T and BBQ

I did BBQ in mustache club members on May 21, 2018.

It was the club member with the opportunity to meet by the events, but there was not very private play, and it was usually when I brought the photography of the mustache club T-shirt while being after a long absence this time, and doing BBQ.

The moment when had leader Maruyama treat me to beer, and toasted it "thank you for the delicious meal!" 」

The leader remembered that it was シェイブドヘッド as well as Masa with Masa whom clothes were completely covered with in leader old days. The hat of the back print and the motif of the mustache are Masuyo whom there is an impact in.

Takeru and Kiyoshi are fried people in charge

Kuni and a leader are meat checks



It is said that a small embroidered design in one spot of the ... chest where Takeru tells something to everybody when I watch this photograph has same ...

BBQ and the affinity of the beer are the best

A cooker attracts the talks while I surround the cooker why which is pleasant it is and is written to the shirt of Kuni of ... left sunglasses with SHAVE THE TRIM whether this is because it is charcoal おこしなどをしたくなるのは man

Gray mustache and サンペリグリーノ

I make jackets style such as some CDs and want to see it, and, by the way, Masa brings the ukulele

And after all I jump and cook it

Group photo with Kato in charge of the club camera work

It is the shot of the Masa idea
It is a favorite with one piece that I do a retake plenty

The camera work of Kato is splendid! We who praise a member with all と members

Is it a good point of the relation that members take the T-shirt plenty while there are various kinds?

I held BBQ only in the members who could participate this time
After all outdoor in the outside has good feeling

There is usually a feeling of opening unlike time performing it on the desk including the meeting
A smile did not die out
I wanted to do tag and Tin-can Tommy for the feeling that returned to a child's mind personally


It is us, but a barber is important
With the various places where it becomes a held schedule on a month, Tuesday not Saturday and Sunday, but is various as for the next time
How about together by all means if I have time that I wanted to enjoy BBQ under the sun?

I will enjoy it with circle-like paste together