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Article: My father's name is Osmume's Grouming Kit, and I sold it to a black Tsutaya bookstore in the middle of the day.

My father's name is Osmume's Grouming Kit, and I sold it to a black Tsutaya bookstore in the middle of the day.

Well, I'm happy to sell you to the Kuroya Tsutaya in Nantes.

and I'm glad to have the display of it so much for me.

I've been in close to my father's days, and I've been focused on the groaming kit.

And I was so happy that I was so happy with that, and it was also called "The Hige Club, T-shirts."
The icons of the heyfish and the hat are still attracted to the eyes.
There are two colors in color, a clean shiro, and a cyonic color, and a standard color of Naby.

This is the French BIC Black and Red ballpoint pen in the grooaming kit of the golf backcase.

And the comb of KENT, the long-established comb maker in England.
This is the clasical in the standard.

It is also a grooaming kit for the bright navy color.

The bodythorpe and deodorant of the Freglans Old Spice in the United States.
There is a rich fragrance, and depending on your taste, there is an aroma sample.
Please try the store at the shop.
You will probably find the flavor of your favorite foreign country.

And the details of the higgye club T-shirts are specified.
And all of these are TAG, but all of them were making comments and making them comment.
I was really amazed at this.

I have also made this display at the store.
My heart was fevered as if you were able to sell products with enthusiasm.
In fact, I have a question at the shop, and I hear that I'm selling the kit.
and the comb of the Old-Paith KENT, who was very well received, and the wholesome of the wholesalers, was glad.

The real name, of course, cannot be clearly stated, but I am very much obliged to you, Mr. OO, of the person who is in charge of this occasion.
I will continue to be glad to do so, and I will continue to ask you my best wishes.

He selfished himself.
If you want to come to the bookstore in the Tsutaya bookstore, you will be happy to see you.
There's a very useful mental mentor, a Men' s Grooming, a good day.

Nakaguro Tsutaya Shoten
1-22-10, Kami-Meguro, Meguro Ward, Tokyo Prefecture 153-0051
Under the Mid-Meguro High School