and beard, beard, and whisper.I've been able to get a daily hand-made item.

Hige Club of the Higewak

As a trim expert in the jiger, I tried a variety of world waxes, and I wanted to make a wax that matched the hard Japanese jigs with MADE IN JAPAN, and finished it at the end of the three years of trial and error.

Flaglance is the aroma of the original citrus originals of citrus.

As the viscosity rate is high, there is also a good fit for the mustache to handle the beard of the beard and the mustache that put the beard on the edge of the edge.
A capacity of 10g of aluminum can be used in aluminum cans.
The color is half-transparent and wax is attached to the glossy glossy.

I open the lid and I'll take the fittest wax in the fingertips.

Take the wax to your fingertips, fill it with a hegge, and then design the stream with a stream that is dedicated to you with a dedicated gem.

The mustamuss are thinner than mustaches, and they are worn by rubbing them together so that they can be fused with their hands.It becomes a stylish design when you make a jigge in the middle, and finally let it be curled.