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Article: Mustache club Maruyama did an event seminar on July 17

7月17日 ヒゲ倶楽部丸山がイベントセミナーをさせていただきました

Mustache club Maruyama did an event seminar on July 17

On July 17, Maruyama did an event seminar in front of teacher lecturers of hairdressing association Kanagawa.
Thank you on this occasion.

50 teachers who had Maruyama, Nagayama, そして I Takeuchi participated from the mustache club and participate?
I thought of くらいだと, but had you participate.

My duty

The model of the mustache that I grow a mustache as much as possible.
Do not care for it if possible from Maruyama (the B-maru) during the period extending♪
There was と notification and stretched it out without really doing anything. Is it about around one and a half months?
It becomes the Furube ard in a good feeling, and is it an ant that do nothing unexpectedly? I thought it to be kana.

Because there was the limited space, そして hairdressing chair because a seminar was the holding in the hotel on that day if preparation was difficult, I let I cared for the mustache beforehand in a shop of a B circle, and a meeting place strain.

I'm sorry, it is ...
Having been a model and m(_ _)m where there is not a photograph because I was all the time next to on the dais in front

A barber, the beauticians whom it studies in this way in spite of a holiday to always think respect it.

Generally, because I am absent in the company where I was in old days and am attendance on a work = holiday, it is an allowance on a holiday, but that the majority are tradesmen is a feeling of the investment.
I intend to do its best for the prospects more and yet more♪

The seminar of the B-maru approaches the end game, too; my turn.
I sit down on a chair on the dais, and the B-maru trims a mustache with scissors and a comb!
Finally I fix it with mustache wax and am finished.

・・・ ・ ・ is sorry.
Here does not have a photograph either.

And it is a social gathering from there.

で photograph is this!

From the left B-maru, I, Nagayama (Takeru)
I took a ceremonial photograph before a social gathering began
Left lower beer がそれっぽいでしょ ^^

And shot with Endo who is usually taken care of very much

Endo who always loves us
Thank you very much for your cooperation when I have you guide me in various ways

Always thank you very much

By car of Takeru who the pleasant social gathering was over, and made do with non-alcohol
I arrived at the way home
Among the cars of the return, seminar, そして we are same as this time at such a splendid seat
I could do it and was excited at three people very much


There is the point still more.

For the story that had one as for one mustache club by all means,

"I do it, and thank you". 」

I do an event and a seminar with の feeling

I will do my best to be able to help it in the same way from now on

^^ where it, please follow

And in the last, "Takeru, is always driving ありがとー"♪」

It is WAX for mustaches which conjugated by a seminar