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Article: The comfort of the WORLD BARBER TOUR (WBT148)


The comfort of the WORLD BARBER TOUR (WBT148)

World BARBER Tour logo"WBT148」

To revive from now"148" years ago, along with the civilization and enlightenment, Japan flexibly interweaved tradition and innovation.
With the advent of Western hairdressing, the first BARBER in Japan to establish a business in Yokohama took root in 1968 at 148.And it continued to be a space where people interacted and culture was consolidated regardless of generation or status.


World (world) Barber (gathering place) Tour)
It is also the source of the water.

It is a part of everyday life to visit here in search of something, and to pass by various people and objects
The repetition of the Kosa makes us encounter new discoveries irregularly

"Now, Where Are you going tomorrow?"""Under the sign of that "115"」

From anywhere, anyone.
Always on someone's mark.
We want to be like that.

"Welcome,and welcome.」

In the past, the barbershop was a place of exchange and Exchange in the city.
It is a place where people come and relax and exchange information, and it is a comfortable space with the logo of the barbershop as a hotel.

Please enjoy a comfortable space for as many people as you can.


It starts at the barbershop in your neighborhood.