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Article: TOP GUN of the barber

TOP GUN of the barber

Say an old-timer of the hairdressing business that is always taken care of, and is good last week; is Maruyama (the B-maru) and Kato さんとしのです by ... and (Endo) and dining together as it is said.

I think that there is an association by the type of job when I become a member of society and enter the company.
I say a razor club, or old father runs it, and the company remembers that I joined the association called the metal association.

And hairdressing business includes a group organization called the hairdressing association, and we join it, too.
I have there is the relationship, and Endo show me it in various ways, but this story is deep once again!

The people called the lecturer come to the whole country in the hairdressing association and I proceed in various information and, not to mention the hair style that is new for barbers, lecture.
When I associated with barbers for the first time, I was surprised at this scene.

I gather in one place after finishing working since .9 until 7:00 p.m. or 8:00 at だってですよ, everybody, 8:00 a.m. and ask about a lecture seriously.
When remember the time that was an office worker;, by the way, the overtime pay. . . Is it と?

A barber is really wheelhorse; because keep on standing when gather while stand, and is tired from work.
When I always join beautifully hard, I do my best! I get と energy.

A lecturer is great people! Because I did not know whether there were とは understanding していたのですがなんとなくだったんですよね, really what kind of exam either.

I had you teach a story before becoming a lecturer from Endo this time.

It is very cool!

Of course there is an article, and the article looks for various titles by oneself, too and seems to make up the technique.
I read various documents and documents and I repeated failure when I really studied it by oneself and seemed to get success.
Besides, I seem to study the barber method as well as an article in news at the time of current events についてや, watches of the night to become a lecturer.

Can Endo say Article 2 of the barber method? There is と question

B-maru, I, Kato


... which Endo understands
Oh, there in spite of being と laughter (is tender)?

Do you understand the excellent front of the present Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare?

B-maru, I, Kato


"It is Yasuhisa Shiozaki, the Labor Minister of their type of job jurisdiction"
The feeling that this is slightly shameful together

I was told by here that it is various more and yet more, but I have good parenthesis! I thought of と.
Is it originally more prominent noses if it is the title of the lecturer who acquired it through hardships to there? Think of となってもいいと,; but glance になってわかりやす same as us as for Endo
You were able to tell me.

The cut technology is high in the Japanese standard, too, and a lot of world champion seem to come, too.
Baseball and soccer rugby, judo and the sports watching games are fun, too,; but the world competition of the hairdressing "is 頑張 れー", too! I want to support と.

I checked depth of the "hairdressing business", hygiene business that was one of the inside with many occupations and told me.