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Article: Smile of all opening from mustache taking the tonsure


Smile of all opening from mustache taking the tonsure

The event of the Tokyo BIC site interior lifestyle was over safely for three days from June 14 to 16th.

All of Miwa tradings that I joined in secondary to last year gives thanks some other time on this occasion.

And thank you very much with the inside that a step has bad on the all of you first day when I came over.
It was a valuable experience this year that I participated with Maruyama (the B-maru) and was able to meet various people.

The various places where is what felt last year, but of course not only the Japanese but also the foreign countries are various as for the interior lifestyle exhibition as for being glad of what can let do an event at this place exhibition have come.
Surprising one wants to photograph it together when overseas people watch us in that! While とか winks; "you are stylish barbers"! You can praise とかお.

Australian one and Daichi and B-maru

The German one and B-maru
I live in Shanghai, and open hairdressing shop now in you, Shanghai! と ^^

It is an import maker of Miwa in New Zealand people
He/she was surprised that mustache taking the tonsure was sensed bodily for the first time

Shaving it is ordinary, but the shaving of hair and the downy hair of the ear seems to be the first mustache
The Japanese one that I was pleased with very much

One having you drop in all too soon when you perform もだったんですが shaving increases last year
Besides, there are quite many women

The Australian who made friends in these three days
Parenthesis イイー

Maker and taking a ceremonial photograph of New Zealand

Miwa trading and taking a ceremonial photograph (in fact, it is the second day?)

The here these days when opportunities to contact overseas people increase
I am pleased that mustache taking the tonsure and the care for mustache are sensed bodily and become the smile by all means
And it is not comfortable at home to here
Though know it, perform とか, あるのは at home; do not make it hoarse.
Because a cut and the shaving were extras, there was such an opinion in the と foreign countries

Shaving and the grooming that I sensed bodily in Japan
The B-maru always says to me,

It "is the mustache taking the tonsure that 行 っていないよ, a barber of the towns go for commonly I determine it, and to be special"

The was able to be pleased with overseas people by the shaving that never performed a special thing at the start

Do you not sense shaving bodily taking advantage of this by all means in a hairdressing shop of the neighborhood?
It will be that all of you are surely used to the smile that overseas people felt

It is 番宣 and thanks without permission

At first it is thanks
The visitor whom a booth came over to this time thank you for coming to the store
And I am very grateful to the people who joined
The name leaves it out,; but from モベンバー associate
WAKO, photography Kato, new さん, Miho who had you help you

It is 番宣 without permission

1, fragrance for Miwa trading an order?
The import maker where an overseas good-quality fragrance is suggested to

ASHLEY & CO from the New Zealand comes up.
There is the new work that Ashley of the chemist affected the combination of the ingredient derived from a plant

2, shop of WAKO in Ikebukuro
I have you always get along well in mom beauticians
I felt it in the figure which asked the B-maru about the ways of the cut the other day each other when it was ARTIST

& tomorrow is Father's Day 3, today of the weekend

Do you not experience mustache taking the tonsure with father as memory of the Father's Day in a hairdressing shop?
I do it, and how about a surprise gift together?
A person feeling that miss you! Will I go to the hairdressing shop with father?
The one where と seems
I think whether there is much contemplation

Please come to the hairdressing shop of the neighborhood
Does a warm hot towel wait for the visit of all of you?