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Article: I'll take care of the interior lifestyle for three days from tomorrow.

明日からの3日間、インテリア ライフスタイルでお世話になります

I'll take care of the interior lifestyle for three days from tomorrow.

Tomorrow, June 14? It will be held at the Vick site on the 16th.
Interior lifestyle
Barber Chea Taorstier is on his way to the place.

an Intellilife style (excerpt from the official web)

From Tokyo to the world: "Propose Life StyleAn interia design style for the interior design market.The parent company is the world's largest international consumer goods market in Frankfurt, Germany, and the International Trade Center for Home-Use Textile (Haim Textiles).In Japan, an interior lifestyle is held in June, and IFFT/Interior Life Style Living is held in November.

I've been with you since last year, and I've been working on the Flaggrans-related products of the world in the Nihonbashi Bridge.
a member of the Mensskin Care MONDIAL, which is polite with Sanwa Trading by the Italian filenze
We're doing this here, frustrations.

This is a picture of a time last year.

In fact, MONDIAL and Kamisoli's club, together with the Kamisoli workshop, began to work with Sanwa at the connection of the connection between them.

So I'm very happy to be able to join you again this year.

Here's the location.
Tokyo Big Sight
West 3 Hall F-60

As well as the merchandise's good, I'm happy to have a lot of people with this feeling of shaving, and have you become a shaving fan for the barber shop, right?