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Article: Do you know that? "Uchiko" is a word. "It's a Japanese technique."

ご存じですか?「ウチコ」って言葉。 「日本の技です」

Do you know that? "Uchiko" is a word. "It's a Japanese technique."

It's just me all of a sudden, but my hair style is two-block
The upper part of the head is long, and it is a style that the horizontal part is cut up.
Therefore, it often goes to the cut because it is considerably anxious when the side grows.

And most of the time, I was cut by Mr. Maruyama-BMaru, the leader of the Beard Club, and I was taught a lot at that time, but do you know Uchiko (white powder) this time?

This is mainly a "pang" on the surface of the hair when cutting short hair. It is said that it will cut it with it (is it a mowing?).

It is said that the unevenness of the surface of the mowing is seen well by attaching this uchiko, and it finishes beautifully.
Well, indeed, professional soul.
And do you know how to move scissors at that time?
Please see how to move the scissors of the barber well next time.

I usually cut my hair through a comb, but in the case of mowing, what! While making the sider the tip of the scissors without using a comb, it is cut in 0.0mm units while quickly opening and closing "Shakashakashaka".
Even if we talk together while doing this work, the technical capabilities are really amazing! I always think that

If I were you, I wouldn't have a conversation. And the face is serious and boring, maybe.

This is
"ART: Art. 」
It is said that this art technique is called "Zikabasami".

The feeling and the visual that the surface of the surface of the hair with the uchiko is transmitted from the scissors to the hand are the same as the word craftsman.
But it is, isn't it?

Uchiko and Naoya.
Are Japanese barbers wonderful?

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