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Article: Gardening country, the highest quality soap from the UK The English SOAP Company

ガーデニングの国、英国から最高品質の石鹸 THE ENGLISH SOAP COMPANY

Gardening country, the highest quality soap from the UK The English SOAP Company

The soap that I asked Mr. Sanwa as I asked for the other day.
The highest quality soap in the UK The English Soap Company

The company is Royal like the UK.
And here is the overview of the brand!

1. A luxury product that is exclusively produced by a tribute to the fragrance and beauty of the royal botanical garden in the queue region of London.

2. The royal botanic mark logo, which indicates a formal partnership with the Cue Garden, is described in the package, donating 10 % of sales to the cue garden, supporting the maintenance and research of the garden.

3. We are working as sustainability, such as Beagun friendly, cruerty (animal experiment) free, recycling pavers without plastic coating.

4. Baraben -free, Sodia Murauril Solfate, Sodia Murawes Solfate Free and the skin.

5. The package design uses beautiful illustrations selected from the historic archive stored in the cue garden.

I looked up with a lot of amateurs about the efforts for the skin of 4, and I see! I got knowledge.

The products to be handled this time
Size W (width) 110mm D (depth) 35mm H (height) 65mm Weight (weight) 240g
You can use it for a long time

It is manufactured in the UK in the traditional soap manufacturing method that has been performed for over 20 years, mainly pure vegetable oil, rich in plant -derived glycerin and shea butter, rich in foaming and smooth on the skin. It acts luxuriously!

I tried it
When shaving, I used it with a bear brush for both face washing and shaving.
In recent years, there are soaps and soaps for facial cleansing, but in the past, soaps are the same as the body and face.
How old? It seems that when I was in elementary school, the expensive shampoo was a solid soap that my mother used once for several days.
It's more than 40 years ago ...
I think soap is better for the skin than old soap (it is an individual opinion only).
By the way, it is comfortable to use, but it goes well with the brush.
The foaming is wonderful and the scent is good.
Print the brush on soap and lather as if you draw a circle on your face.
A high -quality scent passes through the nasal cavity along with a fine foaming.
This may already have an aromatherapy effect
And start shaving! The bubbles flow into the hot water when the blade slips and the ripples when shaved.
Details of shaving are omitted this time ...

After a series of shaving rituals, when you rinse your face, there is no feeling of skin and moist. And the scent is luxury!
I used it for shaving, but I should be able to experience it with my body!
And you can shave with your face wash without using a brush.

I think that you can tailor high -quality skin while feeling the UK nearby.

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