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Article: Skin care with a feminine scent that can be used by men's Maine Beach series

メンズでも愛用できるフェミニンな香りのスキンケア発売致しました MAINE BEACH Ligurian Honey(リグリアンハニー)

Skin care with a feminine scent that can be used by men's Maine Beach series


Sanwa Trading, a company that has been associated with before.
I had been with you to sell Men's Skin Care in Italy before.
And the mustache wax, which is also released, is actually made by Sanwa.
This time, there are various things, and the projects that we have been working on at other companies so far are scun! The care products that were being advanced with it are over ...
Words from the other party at that time
"This project has disappeared."
"Is it??"
Uh, ... shock. It was a favorite manufacturer because it was a project that had been working together for several years while working together for many years, so I was distracted for a while.
But that's it. Even if you're depressed, you can't go and believe it is something like this. I changed my mind, so I consulted with Mr. Miwa to think about skin care that I can use for men that I selected.
There was an event together, so I knew it, including the president, and I was willing to consult again.

So I was introduced to it.

Maine Beach !! (Mine Beach)

Beach resort on Gold Coast, Australia.
As the founder Nigel Trebin is in touch with the beautiful sea and the local people, the desire to convey the charm is that Australia still has a real beauty. It was a trigger.
Mine Beach is a body care product that uses the blessings and organic natural ingredients of Australia to add to the fragrance, blending and designed inspired from the regional characteristics.
I packed the brand explanation of Mr. Sanwa.

Oh! Skin care with the creator's thoughts
For me who also has a razor, just inspired!

I immediately showed me skin care
There are various types of Mine Beach, which is "Ligurian Honey (Ligurian Honey))"Legrian Honey)" "Series.
Previously, I had an event with other manufacturers, so I remembered that I had a little study session about cosmetics and perfumes.
Hmm? sweet? Vanilla -like.
But I felt like that was not the only thing
I thought that it was a scent that women prefer, but I thought that citrus systems, which are common in male cosmetics, are different from person.
When I was a teen, what was popular at that time was tactics and gutsby colon. Is this addicted to the teens of teens now?
So Ligurian Honey (I saw the scent of Legulian Honey)!
Then, it certainly contains vanilla on the base, but with it, Musk was also blended.
Plus, Heart Note, Italian Blood Orange, Peach, Rose.
I was convinced that it was a delicate and high -quality scent with depth, not just a vanilla sweet scent!

And trial of skin care

Cream for the body
I used it for the face after shaving
A word! wonderful!
It is an essential item for dry winter
Open the aluminum case and you will be fluffy. And high -quality scent.
Take a slightly hardened white mousse with your finger and imprint the entire face while stretching with your palm. Moisturizing power to experience immediately at the same time!
You can see that it has a high moisturizing power while being smooth and familiar with the skin.

50 -year -old father


Legrian Honey *② is a valuable honey that can be collected from the Italian bee, which is said to be the last pure blood type *① among the existing bees. The Legrian Honey Series is a body care series that uses a true organic honey.

* ① In 1881, Italian immigrants brought Legrian Honeybee and opened a beekeeping garden on Kangaroo, and it is said that it was necessary to live in the original empty land. Later, in 1885, Kangaroo was designated by the Australian government to be a B -Sanctuary (the sanctuary of bees), and it was managed so that it would not be mixed with other varieties, and became the oldest beer cafe in the world. * ② Honey created from the wild flower on Kangaroo is extracted at low temperatures following NASAA's certification standards. It is said to be a first -class product from Japan and overseas and is called a true organic honey. In particular, propolis is characteristic and known. It has excellent action as a cosmetics, has excellent moisturizing power and skin flexibility, and is said to have the effect beyond other honey components.