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Article: How to use the contents of the glooming kit


How to use the contents of the glooming kit

The razor club's glooming kit is a long -established kit in Korea.
I think it will be about 40 years if you include it from an old company.
I visited the factory when I was 25. Work for craftsmen carefully and pack each part in a case. I remember working together and it was fun.
And we ate rice in the cafeteria with the people of the factory, and the kimchi was exquisite and had a mogmog. I am glad that I can still work with my thoughts.
And this time, I will introduce how to use the parts in the kit.

Nail clippers
1. Introduction of nail clippers
Large nail clippers and medium nail clippers
I use a large nail clipper for my feet, and the middle nail clippers use my hands.
The finger nail clipper has a guard that does not fly nails