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Article: I like the barber shop here! Respect without permission. Part 1 (Shaving of the collar)


I like the barber shop here! Respect without permission. Part 1 (Shaving of the collar)

My son has been to a barber shop, which has been connected by motorcycles on a regular basis since kindergarten, and I went together for a long time.

And I remembered the barber shop I had been in elementary school.
At the end of the year, it was like an event, with the so -called body and the so -called body and the New Year.

When the shop was crowded and sitting on a chair and waiting for turns, I often met my friends and played with the popular kin eraser at that time! nostalgic!
At that time, the hair was not dark, but the cut was over and the pleasant sound could be whisked with a brush in the cup in front of the shampoo. And the brush that is foaming on the neckline is painted fluffy, and the hair is shaved.

Clay of the neckline

He skillfully shaved the leather (razor) that can be handled because he is a barber, and was surprised by the child as a child with a large number of shaved hairs that can be seen through the mirror.
Clay of the neckline
The shampoo after that is also good!
The story of shampoo is next time. 。 。 。
For the first time, my neck was ticking and my neck moved.
Still, the barber shaved it well, and quickly became beautiful.

Now I love the cuts of cuts as much as they are shaved and decided in themselves.
When everything was over and I got out of the store, I felt the cold of the outside air first, and I was preparing for a new year while feeling the end of the year. I felt nostalgic while watching my son's collar shaving.
Only a little more this year. Would you like to prepare your tastes at a barber shop near you?
You can experience a pleasant shaving

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