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Article: Heartwarming words from customers received from double shipping


Heartwarming words from customers received from double shipping

Well, I did it!
Our company also operates an Amazon site, where you can sell things like stands and shaving cups.This time, we received an order for a shaving cup from a customer, and we shipped it, but I forgot to enter the package number, and after a while, Amazon... I haven't shipped it since! I received an alert. "Oh no! It's been quite a few days since I received your order," I said, and hurriedly shipped it.
The next day, the customer called and found out that the item had been shipped twice.
He took the trouble to call me and explain to me the circumstances behind his purchase of our Mab Cup.
As a retailer, let the customer make the purchase! I was very happy that I didn't get asked many questions about my psychology.
We asked him how he shaves on a daily basis, and we heard that he looks forward to shaving.
This is the shaving path that Razor Club wants.

Classic shaving involves preparing a warm steamed towel, pouring boiling water into a mug, lathering it with a brush, and shaving with a sharp razor.
This time, I felt like I was taught by the customer once again.
thank you.

Now, a little information: Razor Club's cups are sold here!

A simple design with authentic professional specifications that is also used in barber shops.
It is carefully baked in a kamado by a manufacturer that has been doing business with us for decades, making it durable and heat resistant. However, since it is made of ceramic, there is a risk of it breaking if dropped or bumped into something, so please be careful.
Pour boiling water in here, insert a shaving brush and squeeze it out, then pour soap into the indentation on the other side and lather up.
The two-layer structure is designed to keep the bubbles warm with boiling water.

I purposely made the image quality dark so you can see the jagged pattern at the bottom.
Powdered soap commonly used in barber shops.
Add powdered soap and use a brush to adjust the moisture content while whisking the tip of the brush with these serrations.The serrations are carved to create fine bubbles.

Made in Japan.
There is a round indentation in the middle line of the top.This is designed to hold a lathered brush.A shaving mug unique to Japan.
It is also an essential item for a good morning shave.

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