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Article: Gillette PROGLIDE electric/normal model: My impressions after shaving with a small micro razor 3

ジレット(Gillette)プログライド(PROGLIDE)電動/ノーマル仕様 小さなカミソリmicroに装着して剃った感想3

Gillette PROGLIDE electric/normal model: My impressions after shaving with a small micro razor 3

This is the same as the previous Gillette PROGLIDE Air,
This is a completely unrelated story, but in 2008, I took out a loan for over 10 years to buy a Harley Road Glide! When I saw the name of the Gillette ProGlide Air blades, I couldn't help but remember the old days! The name of my motorcycle was Road Glide.
Wow! That brings back memories! That's how it all began.
First, just like in the last episode, we'll start by shaving in the correct direction!
Well, the impression I have to give is just as good as the first and second episodes, it's the best!
GLIDE : to glide, glide, glide, move smoothly
This means exactly what it means: the razor blade glides smoothly over your skin.
This replacement blade is PROGLIDE electric model.

The word Gillette engraved on the gel at the bottom
The numerous fins (microfinger guards) on the lower part of the smoother stretch the skin to make it easier to shave, and the comb (microcomb) behind them smooths the flow of the hair and prevents any missed spots.

The above is the PROGLIDE standard specification, but the gel on the lower part is not installed.

Thank you for the beautiful replacement blades!
And the smartphones that can take photos like this are amazing. Gillette PROGLIDE electric model.
You can see from the photo how thin the blade is.

The only difference was that the lower part was not attached, but everything else was the same.
Above is the standard version of PROGLIDE

Gillette ProShield, ProGlide Air
The clasp on the back is the same color as the original, but the PROGLIDE is a simple silver color. This is cool in its own way.
PROGLIDE (Electric and normal specifications are the same)

On the top back of the blade there is a trimmer (plus 1 pinpoint trimmer) for shaving small areas such as under the nose.
What's also surprising is that when shaving small areas, you can shave them easily by simply shaving along the blade without having to adjust the shaving angle yourself.
The protruding object in the middle is like a suspension on a motorcycle, with a spring built in, and when the blade moves up and down, the protruding object also moves. The blade fits closely to the skin, moves along the contours of the face, and is the most advanced blade for precise shaving.
PROGLIDE (Electric and normal specifications are the same)

A big banner that you made after seeing Gillette holding a seminar about Micro? Is that the right word to use?
The current catchphrase for the original PROGLIDE

It adheres closely to the contours of your skin, leaving no stubble.

The challenge is to achieve zero skin resistance! From shaving to smoothing.

I tried using both of the catch phrases and I thought,
"Yes! That's right!"
I thought.

Tonight's Quote
Thomas Edison
" I have never failed.

But there are 10,000 ways that won't work. I just found it.”