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Article: Gillette ProShield: My experience shaving with a small micro razor

ジレット(Gillette)プロシールド(PROSHIELD) 小さなカミソリmicroに装着して剃った感想1

Gillette ProShield: My experience shaving with a small micro razor

Gillette's small Micro razor The Gillette Fusion series is compatible, so you can choose your favorite replacement blade!
This time, the yellow blade Gillette ProShield These are my impressions after shaving with (PROSHIELD) on.
Shave from your cheeks to your chin in a straight line. The gel smoothers attached to the top and bottom melt just enough to give you a gentle shave. What's surprising is that even though it's a gentle shave, the blade feels like it's sticking to your skin, and you can tell it's catching your hair firmly.
I thought this was because the blade was thin.
Really shield I felt that (SHIELD) was exactly what it meant to prevent and protect!

First shave in the direction you want to go, then shave in the direction you want to go.
Shaving against the grain means shaving in a slope from under the chin to the cheeks.
If you start by shaving against the skin, the razor blade will experience more resistance and may get caught on the beard, causing razor burn. It will also wear out the blades more quickly, so it is best to start by shaving against the skin.

If you look at the photo above, you can see how great the ProShield replacement blades are. (PROSHIELD)!
The smoothers on the top and bottom make it easy to slide. The microfin guards on the lower part of the smoother stretch the skin to make it easier to shave. The microcomb behind them straightens the hair and prevents any hair from being left behind.
I could feel this fin on my skin when I was shaving in the wrong direction.
Rather than pulling on my skin, it shaved smoothly and comfortably, and when I touched my skin with my hand it felt surprisingly smooth.
I'd like you to take a look at the blade part of the replacement blade, as you can see the back through the gap between the blades!
This means you can easily rinse your beard after shaving, which I thought was great.
If the back of the blade is covered with resin, it takes time to rinse, but if there is no resin covering, it can be quickly rinsed with water from the shower or tap, without interrupting your comfortable shaving time.

On the top back of the blade there is a trimmer (plus 1 pinpoint trimmer) for shaving small areas such as under the nose.
What's also surprising is that when shaving small areas, you can shave them easily by simply shaving along the blade without having to adjust the shaving angle yourself.
Even when viewed from behind, you can see how cool the replacement blades are, as the yellow clasp and the yellow bottom part match the black base and silver color of the stainless steel.
Of course, it's also beautiful to be able to see the other side from the back! ProShield (PROSHIELD).
The protrusion in the middle is spring-loaded to move up and down, causing the replacement blade to also move up and down, following the contours of your face!
It's fun to see these kinds of gimmicks.

Of course it feels great to shave, but the replacement blades are just as cool!
The unit price of one cartridge is not cheap, but considering the safety design and the excellent cutting-edge replacement blades, I think it's a good deal.
I replace the blades every two weeks, but you can shave even longer than that.
Gillette, the world's leading razor manufacturer (Gillette) !

Gillette in front This big banner that you made after watching (Gillette) -san's micro seminar? Is that the right word to use?
ProShield It's not (PROSHIELD)...
The challenge is to achieve zero skin resistance! Try it and you'll say, "Yes! That's right!"
I thought.

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