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Article: I tried to create a collaboration with a household appliances shop and a hand-shaving tool, a manual cleaving tool.


I tried to create a collaboration with a household appliances shop and a hand-shaving tool, a manual cleaving tool.

Futako Tamagawa, which is popular among the wide range of people.
I have been working on a grooaming kit, such as shaving.
A concierge with a wealth of expertise will carefully explain to you one home appliance.

home appliances-The brushes and brushes of the manual electric appliances in the main section.

The hige shave is beautiful and beautiful on a beautiful display.

It is a very reminder store that we have together with the same event as we have been together when we make a store.

In fact, when I visited my parents' wedding anniversary, I saw a toaster when I visited.

The manufacturer is a barmuda.

And the price of the medium.

When I was looking at Cami-san, Concierge taught me a lot more than that.

So, what, don't you actually try to eat toast?` ` Well, I was surprised at that, 'said the Cat,' is it possible to eat? '

And in fact, he taught me what to do with the toast, the baking notes, the delicious, baking advice, and so on.

When you eat it, it's really delicious! The surface is chariot, and it's in the middle of it, it's Fawafwa

I bought a quick decision on the spot.

I thought you'd want to buy it from this guy.(I was sorry for the story to be lost.)

and there are electric shavors, electric toothbrush and so on next door.

It is easy to think that manual appliances are an unbalanced manual in the home appliance, but this is connected to the synergy effect.

Tsutaya, your unique display is beautiful.

We have adopted GQ and other overseas magazines to create a global view of the world.

KENT, the comb maker in the world famous for its origin.

ABBEY HORN, also known in the United Kingdom, is famous for its use of famous socks.

When you look at the kind of manual appliance in the home appliance, you stop and stop, and you have this kind of a casoori and a groaming kit.said the other, as many as he could see.

I'm happy that Concierge is always enthusiastic and eager to ask questions, too.

There are many people who purchase your own money, but there are many people who purchase gifts as gift gifts.

Can you go out to Tsutaya home appliances in the middle of the weekend, and the weather is good?

It's fun to see the Concierge in a lot of colors.


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