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Article: a barber shop in the crossbar that raises the ' STANDARD '

「STANDARD」を引き上げる 横濱の理容店

a barber shop in the crossbar that raises the ' STANDARD '

Seki Kunihiko's shop at the youngest BARNEY'S BARBER'S SHOP in the Hige Club

And the name"STANDARD,"

I always call him "Bokchan," what year would I have dated this?

We were originally our customers, but we got along, and we worked together.

and, in fact, I had been introduced to STANDARD by looking at the designer who did the showroom in the Tamisori club of the Camisoly Club.

The first time I visited STANDRD.

It is said that there is a beautiful Southern French color, a contrast of wood decks, and the ceiling is beautiful and painted on a concrete white, and is directed to the factory nostalgic in the UK.I'm sorry if I'm wrong.

STYLISH & MODERN Ribate on Tsunashima in Yokohama

If you have time, please come in.

It's a wonderful hair design for your country and your staff, and you'll be happy to see it. (Stickling)♪)

(Booking number 045-642-4569)

Tsunashima-nishi 2-14-1, Kohoku Ward, Yokohama City
Nickenheim Tsunashima No. 111
5 minutes walk west exit of Tsunashima Station on the Tokyu Higashi Yoko Line.

If you leave the west exit, you will turn left and you will be on the right hand side of the Bank of Yokohama.The fourth intersection is where the left is bent.

■Business hours
weekdays: 11:00?21:00
Saturdays and holidays: 9:00-19:00
Positional holidays: Monday, 3rd Tuesday