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Article: Don't you have a permanent hair loss on a karada?

Don't you have a permanent hair loss on a karada?

Nowadays, you have not only your body hair, but your permanent hair, but you know what this is like.

First of all, why do you have any hair?

Man is an animal in the first place, and the ancestors are the original and Sarin.
We have been evolving thousands of years from there, and now we are now human beings.The forefathers were much more and more thinner than it was in time.It is said that the reason why we were able to wear clothes was the origin of the fact.There are fewer parts of the fur, especially clothing, than other animals, aren't they?So why don't we lose all the hair?

because it has an important role to play.

In fact, it is actually hairs that are able to discharge substances that are believed to be harmful to the body, such as heavy metals, that drain into the body.It has a very important role in which the protein and harmful substances of the hair are combined and emitting out of the body.

And when this role is removed, it can be accumulated in the viscera, and it is also dangerous to cause a disease.If you take off your hair, your destination will become thick and thick, and you might be able to increase your thick darker.It's a very important body, so it's good to shaving for your health.


I'm going to give you a message to the woman.

I don't have a lot of heavy hair in shaving.As you know, the thickness of the skin from the skin and the thickness of the hair are totally different from the skin.As I shave, I feel thickly darker because it will be a cross section view from the skin.Also, post shaving advice, but if you put a cold in a refrigerator for a cold skinlotion, the hole will be tightened, but you should stop it if it becomes a burden to your body.

Also, it may be a good time for a professional to give careful advice, as it may be a good deal at the barber's shop where the nearby Ladies Shaving is doing.

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