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Article: There's a reason for the double-layered shaving cup (mug) - Barber at Home #3


There's a reason for the double-layered shaving cup (mug) - Barber at Home #3

Kazori Club has a hidden popular item that receives a lot of inquiries from overseas. It is the original "Shaving Mug." It is a cup to put soap in when using a brush. You may wonder why. Here we will introduce the reason why Japanese cups are so popular and how to use them.

Two-layer system unique to Japan

Shaving mugs, also known as shaving mugs or shaving cups, are a companion to shaving brushes and are widely used around the world.

However, the two-layer ceramic mug shown in the photo is actually unique to Japan. Many of the mugs used in Japanese barbershops are of this two-layer style. Mugs like this are not made overseas, and are shaped more like a typical coffee cup.

How to use the two layers

The two layers of the shaving mug are a deep layer and a shallow layer. The key to why it is divided into two is the deep layer.

Pour hot water into the deep layer first. It doesn't have to be boiling, but hot water is best.

First, dip the brush in the deep layer, then lightly squeeze the brush to make it moist, and pour soap into the shallow layer to create a lather. You can create a lather faster by moving the brush up and down while rotating it in a circular motion to let air in. Some types have an uneven bottom to help create a lather better. If you are using solid soap, you may want to move the soap to another location while you are lathering it.

The deep layer soaks the bristles of the brush and hydrates them, and at the same time, because the hot water from the deep layer fills the space below the shallow layer, it has the effect of keeping the foam warm so that it doesn't cool down when you create foam in the shallow layer.

Even when you dip the brush in the soap again to create a lather while shaving, the brush and the lather are warm, so you don't feel cold and the shaving time continues in comfort. This is a sign of typical Japanese hospitality.

It is also recommended to use it in the bath.

The shaving mug can be used on the sink, but it can also be used in the bathroom. However, it is made of ceramic, so please be careful not to drop it as it may break.

When shaving in the bath, your beard is already wet, making shaving easier than shaving at the sink.
(→ For more information, please see " The bath is the best time to shave ~ How to shave during blissful bath time ")

The cup has a handle, so it's easy to carry. Since I bought the familiar bucket, I've been taking it like this to my usual public bath.

Clean with rinse and dry

After you've finished using it, discard the hot water from the shaving mug and rinse the cup, which is still covered in foam, thoroughly with hot or cold water, including the soap in the cup.

Of course, you can remove the soap when rinsing, but I end up putting the soap back into the cup, so the quickest way I do it is to just rinse the soap right away.
If you hold the cup in your left hand, you can hold the soap with your thumb, or you can hold the soap with your right hand. Then, use your free fingers to slosh the surface and inside of the cup, then squeeze out all the water from the cup.

Once you have thoroughly squeezed out the excess water, store the brush horizontally as shown in the photo below. It is convenient to store the razor you used in a deeper layer and prop it up.

We recommend storing both the brush and cup in a well-ventilated place.

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