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Article: Will you make a look at the barber's on the last day of the GW tomorrow?


Will you make a look at the barber's on the last day of the GW tomorrow?

It's been a kumisoli, and it's been over twenty years.

In the family of Kamisori, who was born and worked at Kamisori, I still remember that the family travel of elementary school went to the factories in the Kamisori plant in Seki City, Gifu Prefecture, and the factory of the Hassami and the edge knives, and the craftsmen explained it to me in a more graceful account.

And I used to say that I used to be a kamisoli, so I went to a telecoms science school for a professional telecoms system.
The two legs were difficult and dropped out, doing what we call an ordinary job.

and I longed to have felt myself engaged in the barbaroing business.
In fact, I don't want to be a barber, but I still want it.

Now, are you familiar with the definition of a barber?

The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare has jurisdiction over the following:
The barber should be given a license from the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare based on the law of the law.A man who does not have a barber's license is not allowed to practice in the course of trade.
Ryo is said to be 'to look like a haircut by means of cutting hair, facial hair, etc.,' and it is included in the range of the bargain to perform a cold permanent wave for men as part of an act of merit associated with an act of crochor and other activities.The dyed hair is also included in the act of beauty and beauty.The work is done with the intention of continuing to repeat, and there is no charge for paying or free.
Also, in the case of a barber, it is necessary to keep the instruments and towels clean.

It's on this page.
"To shape his hair by cutting hair, sawing, or other means."
I think this is a great place to do.

I think it's the most important place to be able to look and face the head.
There is a book with a 90 percent appearance, and I think it is true that there is a certain way.
When I was greeting, I looked at my face, and I felt it was wonderful to make that important part of it.

Would you like to look at your face at your barber shop at the last day of the GW?
Of course, if you have a cut in your hair, why don't you look at the shaving of the bubbles in the mokomoco?