SCHICK Club communication 22. August 8 is a mustache day. Razor Maker Chic will hold AWARD

Razor maker chic

On August 8, we will hold hihero award!

Hige men's Award
Chic Japan
I hope you can watch it

And the higge Chen contest is held until August

Because there is the higge Chen grand prize, please try to submit it by all means

"Beard day".

In 1978, the razor maker, chic Japan, was under the cooperation of Yasuki Takeuchi, the head of the razor Club

As a part of the spread of shaving in Japan, we have publicly applied "the most suitable day to pay attention to beard".

Since eight Kanji characters were similar to those of the mustache, the idea that the eighth August 8th was called 'hige no hi' was chosen among the applicants exceeding 10000.

After that, the "beard contest" which competed for the design of the beard was held as an event of "beard day", and it became a topic in each media.

It is the day of the beard which attracts attention to the beard itself, but the meaning of "the day which shavings the beard clean" is actually included.

What is "moustache day"?

In 1978, schickjapan, distributor of the global razor brand "schick-based in Japan, and Mr. Yuki
Kamisori ciub ikamisori is Japanese term for razar "children to ask consumers for an idea"
About proper Shout Moustache day
Written in Chinese characters

One's moustache.

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