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Article: published in all about men's style.

all about メンズスタイルに掲載されました。

published in all about men's style.

published in all about men's style.

But this article was over 10 years ago・
At that time, it was still in Aoyama.

As a razor shop I was introducing various ways of using razors and how to care for the beard through the site, at that time(even now?It was run by Recruit.
if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help you.It was the first time that I had seen it.

I was happy with this!
The name "razor club" is unique, so we had requests from magazines and newspapers for interviews, but I remember it was the first time I interviewed on the internet, and I was very pleased.

The lecture on how to shave beard while excited with colleagues who worked together at the time
At the same time, a photographer was taking pictures.

It was more than 10 years ago.Even though my colleagues who worked with me at the time have already left the company, I still have vivid memories of what I was happy with at the time.

The razor club will be 18 years since I inherited it at the end of this month.
I am truly grateful that there is now thanks to my predecessor.
I have been talking about the same thing since 18 years ago, just as a razor shop.
Now there are also members of the Beard Club (Barber)and now it is different from this time.

I have been taught and supported by professional barber members all the time.

You can do it when you come up with various ideas!I try to advance with a feeling that I will stop because the members are Axis shake!
I can say that there is now precisely because it stops me.

I'm really grateful.It is a great place to start.

Now I am a member of the Beard Club (although I am also) and I am doing enlightenment activities in various places the importance of men's grooming.

Things have changed in our 18-year history.
It's a good year, isn't it?、
"What the young man is saying!」
"Mr. Takeuchi,Can I have you tell me?」
It was a great experience.

"I wonder if the ear of rice hangs down so much as it grows」

I love these words.
In my case, my age is very much the same razor shop,just
Will I tell you the same as before?

It is a nostalgic article of the time all about
I would be happy if it was for your reference