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Article: I hold モベンバーイベント on November 8

11月8日 モベンバーイベントを開催いたします

I hold モベンバーイベント on November 8

Wednesday, November 8
I hold MOVEMBER mustache event in Yokohama Hard Rock Cafe.

Gee, I am glad.
Around five years ago? Kana
Is a mustache club a mustache from younger sister and her husband living in the U.K.?
Then why don't you do "MOVEMBER" of the men's charity of the origin in Australia in Japan?
It was an opportunity that と was said.

After telling a purpose to a mustache club member at once, let's do it! To the next younger sister and her husband in the Australian own country
I had you turn on communication.
And regard a contact as Greg of the person in charge in various ways, and is mustache = BARBER; and is MOVEMBER in a hairdressing shop in the friend
I performed charity.

By the arrangement that a hairdressing shop of the friend of the member has you participate and gradually swells, and mustache club Takeda is smart
I held MOVEMBER event in several Irish pub of Tokyo in the end of November
Gradually penetrate by the power of really various people, and is the Irish pub of 10 stores this time; MOVEMBER charity
It will be held.
I go to the Irish pub which Takeda can participate in beforehand and I know that I explain it and am glad in spite of being a friend,
Does always thank you on this occasion?

And I have a relationship this time and will hold the event of the mustache in Hard Rock Cafe of Yokohama
Western hairdressing birthplace, Yokohama
Besides, I came with a tingle to be able to hold Hard Rock Cafe and MOVEMBER event
Maruyama, also known as the B-maru is in charge of this.
I make arrangements with Hard Rock Cafe as well as Takeda beforehand and reach it at the present

I want to enjoy the event of the mustache with all of you, and, please go out if you have time.
Men of a mustache, a mustache, a mustache, a mustache, the mustache wait.

It is a men's version of the pink ribbon by origin in Australia when I say with a word.
Run mustache and NOVEMBER (November) of MOUSTACHE (moustache); and "MOVEMBER"
In October, there is Halloween; and December is Christmas
The native rule original by a new charity event of November
"I shave off all the mustaches in early November and will continue stretching it out for one month"! 」
But the national affairs feeling is different, too, and ... there is difficult.
By the way, the person who can do it is every me by all means, but stretches it out without shaving a mustache.
It is surprised at the meeting by the work to meet for the first time, but has interest unexpectedly when I give an explanation,
Besides, there is the good luck that you can learn thanks to a mustache
"MOVEMBER" which I perform now at world various places

[event notice]
MOVEMBER PARTY will be finally held next week! !
The Wednesday, November 8 20:00 ~22 time
The dress code right out "a mustache."
I prepare mustache photo props.
Both a man and the woman, please participate willingly.
Entrance fee free of charge. It can be enjoyed only for a dining charge.
#Campaign to make a special gun for men known to everyone