Introduction of the hairdressing shop having you participate in モベンバーチャリティー

National hairdressing shop having you participate in モベンバーチャリティー together when it is always November.
I am really glad that I have you understand a purpose of モベンバー and can participate together for five years.

●With モベンバー, I featured the theme of "prostate cancer" "testicles cancer" and [mustache] which were the symbol only by a man performed in November for the purpose of the common knowledge of the mental health (mental health),
It is a global charity event to be able to be called "the pink ribbon" for man.
I could write 〉 as slang 〈 Mo 〉 which meant a mustache in 〈 November of November that was campaign moon interval and was named [Movember].

I am developing (2017) various charity campaigns including New Zealand U.K. Canada United States Ireland of the world in 21 countries now as well as Australia.

●It becomes well-known activity a donation of the fifth year in cooperation with the Australian headquarters in the mustache club / razor club in this year.
I perform donation activity or an event in a donation, common knowledge activity in barber's of the whole country and Irish pub of Tokyo, Yokohama this year.

I contribute the fund that I took from all of you to own country モベンバー and public interest Takamatsu shrine princess cancer research fund Foundation.

Of course the haircut is a hairdressing shop with the relation for mustache taking the tonsure deeply
The participation of all of you, always thank you heartily

Introduction of the hairdressing shop having you participate

[donation setting barber's]

・W’s Beauty Room (Hair & Nails)
・NEST hair & relax
・barber shintoko hair desigh

・B collector
・Barber Nagayama

・BARBER SHOP 【 i : z 】
・Ohashi barber shop

・Sakae dragon eaves hairdressing place
・Hairdressing Shiroishi

・Violet HAIR

・hair resort BoumBoum
・Hair salon Eguchi
・It becomes only the YOSHIKAWA BARBER RESORT name publication
・It becomes only the HAIR ATELIER KAJIWARA name publication
・It becomes only the hair salon Maruzen name publication