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Article: Shop of WAKO which made Studio of IKEBUKURO NY the hair salon

IKEBUKURO  NYのStudioをヘアサロンにしたようなWAKOさんのお店

Shop of WAKO which made Studio of IKEBUKURO NY the hair salon

I came to the shop of WAKO which always usually associated.

In the shop, NAIL is considered to be it in unisex salon, too.
I, ... of the 44-year-old mustache while I come when a woman just does NAIL, and a woman waits behind, besides
This feeling of strain that will be what.

WAKO was away, but takes a ceremonial photograph without permission.

Mmm, it is an old bird

I have the staff cooperate including WAKO every year.


Thank you for having you participate.

And it is Nantes!
I discover a book of a world barber.
True にありがとうございますー

It is 番宣 without permission
Shop of WAKO

When I open the white door of a doubtful multi-tenant building

The shop where light comes in through a wide window.
The casual, unisex interior that there made Studio of NY the hair salon.

A nail booth is provided along by the hair salon and is
I can take care of both hair and nail.

Staff who I am full of curiosity, and likes a trip.
Of course, as for the technique, the waiting on customers, there are many visitors that it is come to the store to enjoy chattering!
I have the substantial menu which is available in the wide layer.
Please refer willingly.

『 W's Beauty room 』

3-24-3, Nishiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo Fujii Building 4F

TEL : 090-1730-0525
LINE ID  wsbeautyroom