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Article: On the sign Paul color

OCEANS 1月号 理容室のサインポールカラーをあしらって

On the sign Paul color

It was published in the January issue.

Speaking shop!
Oh! This is a flag symbol that is tricolor color red, blue and white.
Razor and snail with motif.
And the mug cup
It is the introduction of set of the reasonable shop specification.

Because the catch and the design are beautiful in the request from the person in charge of the person in charge of oceans, please ask here! Yes.
It is a happy word as a creator.

Tricolor colors can be eyecatch!
Why don't you take in the barber shop colors every morning?


Why don't you go to the barber shop near you today?
It is easy to dry and skin is also required for moisture
Hot moist towel and beard brush
And shaving with a sharp razor.
It will be a time for bliss
We are looking forward to seeing you