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Article: Easy steamed towel at home ~ Barber at home #1


Easy steamed towel at home ~ Barber at home #1

Do you like getting your beard shaved at a barber shop? You may think that you don't need to go to a barber shop because you shave yourself every day, but that is a blissful time for men. Here are some shaving tips and goods that will let you experience the feeling of being at a barber shop at home.

When you enter the salon, the barber will place a steamed towel on your face. I love it! It may seem like they just lightly place a warm towel on you, but that towel is actually about 80 degrees Celsius and contains moisture, so it's like pinching hot water. It actually takes a skilled technique to simply place it on your face and cool it down to a comfortable temperature.

The effect of using a steamed towel before shaving

Placing a hot towel on your face not only feels good, but it also helps ensure a comfortable shave.

  1. Warm steam opens pores and lifts dirt
  2. Steam deeply hydrates and softens your beard
  3. Hydrates deep into the skin to reduce razor burn
  4. Comfortable temperature and humidity improve blood circulation
  5. Great relaxation effect

It is very important to moisturize your beard before shaving.

An important property of hair is that it becomes flexible when wet. Wet hair is 1/2 to 1/3 of its strength compared to dry hair, which is a factor that affects the comfortable shave that extends the life of your razor blade.
Therefore, wetting your beard before shaving is an important part of the shaving process.
By taking appropriate measures such as removing the oils and grease that cover the surface of the hair and softening the hair by encouraging water to penetrate, you can enjoy a comfortable shave.

Microwave OK. Steamed towel in 90 seconds.

However, many people give up because they don't have a machine at home to make steamed towels or a device to keep them warm. Here, we will introduce you to a simple way to make steamed towels at home.


  1. Wet a towel with water and wring it out lightly.
  2. Put about 20cc of water into a Ziploc bag (or a plastic bag will do), and then place the towel inside.
  3. Seal the bag, place on a plate and microwave for 90 seconds (adjust to your liking).
  4. Open the bag once and when warm steam comes out, remove it from the bag, let it cool a little and then squeeze it lightly.

Once it's at the right temperature, it's done. Place it on your face and enjoy the bliss.

If you feel it is lukewarm, adjust the temperature by 30 seconds at a time. Be careful not to leave it too hot as you may get burned!

The ultimate classic shaving experience! A brush and cup set!

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