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Article: Teaching shaving to middle and high school boys - Shaving for teenagers


Teaching shaving to middle and high school boys - Shaving for teenagers

I think I was in the third year of junior high school when I first used a razor. Shaving starts in the upper grades of junior high school. At the time, my parents owned a razor shop, so we had a wide variety of razors at home, and I remember not knowing which one to use. I had a vague understanding of how to shave because I watched my parents' backs in the mirror. I remember the scent of my first shaving cream made me feel like I had grown up...
Then, my son became a junior high school student and started to worry about the slight hair around his mouth. I thought, "Great, I can teach him how to shave!", so I gave him a shaving lesson!

Shaving that is gentle on teenage beards and skin

First, I take the shaving cream out of the can and apply it to my face.

Since it's just fine hair, I could just lather the soap with my hands and apply it to my face, but since I've become an adult, I enjoy it as a ritual.

As a father, I would like to see my son try the classic shaving style, which starts with lathering with a beard brush, when he gets a little older.
My child was amazed at how refreshing the menthol cooling sensation was, saying it was amazing!
I usually don't use foam, but instead lightly lather soap with my hands and apply it to my face before shaving.

The hair around his mouth is thick, but when I look in the light, I can see that there is hair around his cheeks as well, so I advise him to shave in the same way as an adult. I use the weight of the razor to shave it off smoothly from his cheeks.

I chose a two-blade razor. Since my beard, or rather my hair, is still downy and my face is still small, using a lot of blades would make the razor thick and difficult to handle, so I went with a thinner two-blade razor.

As you can see from the photo, razors these days have more blades and are thicker at the same time. This makes it difficult to reach tight areas such as under the nose, so sometimes you need to use a trimmer attached to the back of the blade to compensate.

I recommend that younger generations, such as teenagers, start with the left-hand side (two-blade) razor which is easier to handle, and gradually move up to a three-blade and then five-blade razor.

At first, I was hesitant to use the razor, but I got used to it and started shaving the other side myself. When the beard gets thicker, I shave it backwards to get a closer shave, but since I'm still a middle school student and have fine hair, I just shave in the right direction (from cheek to chin, and from chin to throat). Even so, I was able to shave the fine hair thoroughly, so it was clean and refreshing.

Finally, help with the small areas and you're done! Rinse thoroughly and then apply lotion to moisturize. If you feel your skin is a little hot, it's recommended to use cold water at the end of the rinse. This will tighten your skin and close your pores.

Be careful with men's aftershave lotions (alcohol-based) as they can be very irritating and can cause redness or stinging. In my household, I borrow my wife's lotion.

This article was written around 2020, but now in 2024, my son is a third-year high school student and his beard is getting thicker as he grows.


When your beard is still thin (i.e. not yet hard), use a disposable razor to shave off any unwanted fine hairs to get refreshed skin.

From around high school, when you start to grow a beard, you should start experiencing proper shaving with a razor with replaceable blades (I recommend a two-bladed razor to start with), and as you enter university and work, increase the number of blades and shave while also keeping skin care in mind.
For people with sensitive skin, we recommend 3 or 5 blade razors from the start! The more blades there are, the more evenly the blades hit your skin, resulting in a gentler shave.
You might as well experience the best shaving experience right from the start!

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